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Project Description

This Web Part allows the execution of an action on the Web page. This may be done unconditionally, ie whenever the page is visited, or at the occurrence of a specified condition. A condition is a sequence of assertions, connected by logical connectives (AND, OR), on the properties of particular elements of the system.


The user can choose or change the action associated with the Web Part acting on the drop-down located in the Actions section of the tool pane. The list of available actions is as follows:
The first four actions listed require the indication of a condition by the user. For the remaining four, the condition is optional.

Actions section in tool pane

Condition and Assertions

The creation of the condition from which depends the execution of the action is obtained by clicking the link Add new assertion... placed in the section Condition of the tool pane. For every click, the condition is enhanced by a new assertion.

Condition section in tool pane
The last assertion of the sequence thus created can be removed by clicking the link Remove assertion... placed at the end of section Condition.

Condition and Assertions
The removal of an assertion when it is the only forming the condition, in fact removes the entire condition. The assertions can have as a subject one of the following:
  • Current user
  • Query string key
  • Form key
  • Params key
  • Cookie key
  • Server variable
  • Page Action Web Part (ie the execution status of the action of a Page Action Web Part different from the current)
  • Page (ie the post-back status of the Web page)
  • Expression (ie the result of evaluating an !$-expression)
  • Page property
  • Web property
  • Session variable
  • Application variable

Web Part Owners

For each Page Action Web Part can be selected owners users, using the people picker placed in section Owners of the panel.

Owners section in tool pane
When specified, the owners are the only users can configure the Web part, namely the ones that can modify its properties through the tool pane, delete it from the page or change its Web Part Zone.

Error notification mode

By default, the Web Part does not display any errors that may arise in the execution of the action or in the evaluation of the condition. This behavior can be changed acting on the drop-down Error notification mode at the bottom of the tool pane of the Web Part. The opportunities available are:
  • Never. Errors are not displayed (default).
  • Always. Errors are always displayed, regardless of the current user's role.
  • Only to site administrators. Errors are displayed to users who are site collection administrators.
  • Only to owners. Errors are displayed to users who are owners of the Web Part.
  • Both site admins and owners. Errors are displayed to users who are site collection administrators or owners of the Web Part.

See also
  • Introduction to Page Action Web Part.
  • Project Description, ie this page.
  • Action list, to get information about the available actions.
  • Assertion list, to get information about the assertions that can be used to create a condition (this documentation is not ready yet).
  • !$-expressions, to learn how to use the expressions in Page Action Web Part.

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