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Introduction to Page Action Web Part

Page Action Web Part allows you to perform actions (such as causing an "Access is denied", redirect to another web page, view content with HTML, ASP.NET controls and !$-expressions, hide parts of the page, etc.) on the web page depending on the occurrence of a given condition.

Page Action Web Part is for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and targets Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Page Action Web Part
The project makes use of the SharePoint Solution Installer to install the site collection feature Evolution Web Parts containing the Web Part. Once installed and activated the feature, the Page Action Web Part is in the group "Evolution Web Parts" of the Add Web Parts dialog.

Add Web Parts dialog
  • Introduction, ie this page.
  • Project Description, for a more detailed overview.
  • Action list, to get information about the available actions.
  • Assertion list, to get information about the assertions that can be used to create a condition (this documentation is not ready yet).
  • !$-expressions, to learn how to use the expressions in Page Action Web Part.
Known Issues
  • My bad English, almost worse than Google Translate smile.gif.
  • The Web Part has a bug in the export. Because of this, the Export functionality has been disabled pending a future fix.
  • The tool pane of the Page Action Web Part does not support the display of any custom assertions. To make them visible in the tool pane, custom assertions should also be added to the list SupportedAssertions of the Web Parts.
Suggestions and comments are welcome, I'm always looking for tips and ideas for new actions and assertions which may be added to future versions of the project.

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